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Front-End Developer | Graphics Designer | Photographer | Artist

Rachel Faith Epstein
Rachel Epstein

Hello! I am Rachel Faith Epstein. I am a front-end developer and graphics designer. I got my start as a graphics designer while serving in the US Army in 2003, when I was asked to design the graphics and layout for my unit's monthly newsletter. I loved it!

I continued learning and developing my skills until about five years later. I was trying to sell some items on Craigslist and wanted to make my ad more appealing to potential buyers. I figured out how to do just that with HTML and CSS. I thought it was awesome how I could manipulate the look of things on a webpage and had to learn more. Since then I have learned how to use the latest technologies in web development and graphic design to design, build and maintain websites for the US Army, the state of Maryland and for small businesses as a freelancer.

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